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Weight loss specialist in Mumbai, also an expert in GUT health from IIN, New York is extremely talented, she helps people with their GUT health issues. She is also a dietician, a diabetes expert as well as a thyroid expert. Apart from these, she has many qualifications such as Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, being certified by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). There are many other achievements to her name. All in all, she is a highly qualified and a specialised practitioner. Janvi, the weight loss expert suggests a few tips to be included in our lifestyle to enable us to lead a healthy life.

Tips for loosing Weight, by weight loss specialist in Mumbai

  • Our weight loss specialist advices 1 clove of raw garlic empty stomach has 7 times more effect on fat burning than a supplement and helps reduce High Cholesterol effectively
  • 1 tsp. fenugreek (methi seeds) soaked overnight helps with increase in metabolism byaiding in clearing of the digestive tract and increased motility.
  • 1-2 green chillies a day is highly recommended by the weight loss expert, it helps create a thermo genic effect due to capsaicin in them as suggested by our weight loss specialist in Mumbai.
  • 1/3 chopped or grated ginger root in boiling water is said to show a difference in fat burning.
  • 1 pinch cinnamon at bedtime is effective and is tried and tested by our expert in weight loss here in Mumbai, it helps in managing glucose levels and thereby aid metabolism.
  • Did you know that low Vitamin D3 levels can lead to fat gain and also when supplemented as per need can help increase metabolism and reduce belly fat storage. Our weight loss specialist in Mumbai advises to increase D3 in the diet by adding more low fat milk products, meats, chicken, fish and eggs.
  • 1-2 tbsps. of apple cider vinegar empty stomach help prevent constipation and also maintain blood glucose levels and metabolic rate as suggested by our specialist.
  • Supplementation of zinc helps reduce hunger by increasing leptin level (fat burning hormone levels), foods which are high in zinc are wheat, pumpkin seeds, spinach, dates and broccoli, these are some of the strong recommendations by our Weight loss specialist in Mumbai.
  • Vitamin B plays important role in metabolism of carbohydrates and help used stored energy in food for our daily functions.
  • Green tea is known for its high antioxidant value and also metabolic properties which cause small spurts of raised metabolism throughout the day. Green tea can be consumed 2-3 times a day as suggested by our weight loss specialist in Mumbai.

Suggestions to a healthy lifestyle by JanviChitalia- Weight loss Specialist In Mumbai

Key to a healthy life by our weight loss specialist in Mumbai

  1. Eat with a mindset of love compassion and happiness to build joy of eating.

  2. Focus on healthy change rather than deprivation.

  3. Take ownership of your health and weight loss.

  4. Find a strong “Why”

  5. Pre-plan in advance for cheat meals , holidays.

  6. Our weight loss specialist in Mumbai says to trust your wisdom when it comes to your hunger, stop and ask yourself how hungry you are and how much you need to eat!

Your body is the only temple you have to live in, so you can either choose to make time for your HEALTH NOW or make time for ILLNESS!!!



Patience is the first and foremost virtue that we all need to have when it comes to beginning the journey towards a healthier you. According to our weight loss specialist in Mumbai, patience to endure weight loss comes from knowing that this isn’t a short term fix but a move towards a long term change as a part of self -love and self-nourishment which is a continuous process. Any weight loss expert will advise you to be patient. Weight loss is not something that takes place overnight. If a “weight loss expert” claims instant results, it is a red flag.


The next step for a healthy and a balanced life is Gratitude. Weight loss experts in Mumbai have understood the correlation of weight and mental health. Any weight loss expert in Mumbai will say that it is very important to have gratitude towards one’s body for being the way it has honoured us in just the way we are. Being grateful improves our mental health, less stress disorders which helps us to control our diet and by extension our weight.

Learning to forgive yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is the biggest lesson learnt says the specialist in weight loss. Moving forward in the right way is to let go. Janvi Chitalia, weight loss expert in Mumbai understood that it was important to let go off what she held on, about her emotions, about herself. It was important for her to let herself be and say its ok to have had a not so healthy relationship with her body and that it was ok to have been ungrateful and not careful about what she went through. The Weight loss specialist also exclaims It is okay to have faltered because this journey has given her a lot more than what she could imagine. The hardest part of forgiving herself was actually to acknowledge it to herself that she faltered and she could let go of how she felt about it says the weight loss specialist in Mumbai.

Loving your body

Loving your body is the key to weight loss as per the weight loss expert in Mumbai- loving yourself is the easiest thing in the world to do, however it seems like the hardest to do, as so many of us struggle with loving ourselves enough. Being unloving towards oneself is far easier than we think, our weight loss specialists believe we do it everytime we  begrudge ourselves and say you don’t follow the diet well today and cheated so you are useless, or that you gained the weight back again so you are just not capable enough of making a change. Once you love yourself, a lot of the conflict is over then, says the weight loss specialist in Mumbai because you find it easier to like yourself even when you lapse in any situation. Loving my body the way it is has been my biggest challenge, it has taken me years to be able to be able to get there and now that I have , I love to embrace it. Our weight loss specialist in Mumbai advises that it is most important to love your flaws as they make you as much as your perfections do. You can’t judge yourself by the scale or “y” a number or by anything else that you just see, it is the way you feel that matters the most claims our weight loss expert in Mumbai.

Eat with compassion 

Eat with compassion: As per weight loss specialist, when was the last time wewere grateful to our bodies for being the way it is, when was the last time you thanked all your relentless functions of the body that work well, irrespective of the abuse you put it through.

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