What does Functional medicine mean?

Janvi Chitalia- The best functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur provides a personalized approach in understanding and treating the root causes of various health issues, through your nutrition, biochemistry and bio-individualized approach.

What does Functional medicine Nutritionist do?

Functional medicine and Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur look at the whole body system, as each and every organ in our body is interconnected, thereby restoring optimal health through food. They find and correct the root causes of a chronic illness by looking at the chronological order of the symptoms, going beyond surface level assessments and doing an in-depth analysis. Since most of the root causes are due to gut dysbiosis, nutritional deficiencies, poor lifestyle habits, exposure to environmental toxins, underlying immune system dysregulation, improper detoxification pathways, etc, functional medicine practitioners and Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur aim at rejuvenating the body through proper diet, gut healing, appropriate micronutrient supplements needed for the body to function properly and to put diseases into remission eventually.

The functional medicine practitioners and Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur work on a personalized approach to a person’s health conditions, by explaining in simple terms the science behind their health issues by going beyond surface-level assessments, developing diet and lifestyle modifications specific to each person’s unique need. Instead of merely addressing symptoms, they explore the “why” behind the conditions, aiming to unravel the web of interconnected factors affecting an individual’s overall optimal well-being. Apart from being a functional medicine nutritionist, Janvi Chitalia is also a leading Gut Health Nutritionist In India.

Gut Health Nutritionist in Bangalore
Gut Health Nutritionist in Bangalore
Gut Health Nutritionist in Bangalore

How is Functional medicine Nutritionist different from Conventional medicine?

Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur differ from conventional medicine by recognizing that nutrition goes beyond calories; it forms the foundation of optimal health. Elements like blood sugar balance, micronutrient status, gut health, hormone health, metabolic health, and immune system function are intricately linked to dietary choices. A collaborative team of functional medicine doctors and dietitians work together, acknowledging the symbiotic relationship between nutrition and addressing the root causes of symptoms for a comprehensive patient care approach.

Functional medicine dietitians order and interpret functional lab tests, explaining root causes to patients, recommending nutritional assessments, gut health tests, and prescribing tailored diets, nutritional supplements, and functional foods. This extended scope allows a deeper understanding of a client’s unique biochemical makeup, enabling personalized nutritional interventions. The key distinction lies in personalization, where functional medicine dietitians inquire about lifestyle factors like stress, sleep, physical activity, and daily routine to comprehend symptoms’ bidirectional impact on nutrition and overall well-being. Understanding a person’s lifestyle aids in brainstorming techniques to incorporate healthier changes and supportive supplements.

What is the Functional Medicine Approach to Nutrition?

The Functional Medicine Approach to Nutrition involves a holistic perspective on healing, treating the body as a unified system that functions optimally when all aspects are considered. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, functional medicine practitioners collaborate with patients, investing significant time in reviewing medical histories to identify the root causes of symptoms. They utilize comprehensive lab testing to understand the ‘why’ behind prescribed medications, and, if necessary, make informed decisions to discontinue them based on scientific reasoning.

  • The next steps include crafting detailed nutrition plans, recommending appropriate supplements, and integrating complementary therapies like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. The goal is to create a unique and personalized strategy for each patient, aiming to achieve disease remission and bring the body into a state of balance, healing, and optimal health. In contrast, conventional medicine adopts a biological approach, relying on pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions for treatment.

Signs someone should consult Functional Medicine Nutritionist in Jaipur

Consider consulting a Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur if traditional healthcare approaches fail to address your chronic health issues or unexplained symptoms. Functional medicine and nutrition offer a tailored approach, delving into the root causes of health concerns and providing personalized treatment plans for each individual. These practitioners thoroughly investigate chronic conditions to design unique plans, making it an ideal choice for those serious about improving their health and understanding their condition.

Functional medicine provides insights into your specific risks and potential treatment paths. It goes beyond treating diseases by emphasizing the promotion of good health and prevention of future issues. Lifestyle factors such as diet, stress management, and sleep quality are considered. If you desire more personalized healthcare that goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, functional medicine offers in-depth explanations of your condition and develops a treatment plan tailored exclusively to your needs. Embrace the personalized nature of functional medicine for a unique and effective approach to achieving your health goals.


Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur , being licensed healthcare professionals, have the authority to order lab tests as an integral aspect of their practice. Whether operating in private practice or collaborating with a Functional Medicine practitioner, they possess the capability to independently request lab tests. Additionally, in some cases, Functional medicine nutritionists in India may work under the supervision of a licensed healthcare professional who can order the tests on their behalf. It’s important to note that rules and regulations pertaining to lab testing in the practice of functional medicine nutrition may vary across different countries.

What are the benefits of consulting with a Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur ?

Engaging with a Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur offers numerous advantages compared to conventional medical approaches, as it centers on identifying the root causes of health issues rather than merely addressing symptoms. Functional medicine is personalized to each individual, employing a holistic approach that considers various influencing factors such as diet, lifestyle, environmental exposures, digestive health, and activity levels.

This comprehensive methodology facilitates the discovery of underlying health issues through advanced diagnostics like comprehensive stool tests (e.g., GI-Map), micronutrient panels, hormone assessments (e.g., the Dutch test), and food sensitivity panels, resulting in more sustainable solutions. Functional medicine also emphasizes preventive care for optimal health and establishes a collaborative relationship between the patient and practitioner, fostering enhanced engagement and adherence to personalized treatment plans.

Where do Functional medicine Nutritionists work?

As for the workplace, Functional medicine nutritionist in Jaipur commonly operate in private practice, although they may also be found in clinics, hospitals, research centers, academic institutions, and wellness centers.